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February 5


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The story is a lie, unless you are a Spider.

Spider loves all her children, and there is very little she wouldn't do in order to protect them. One day every animal was sitting around talking about their own families and how many virtues they have.

“My children are strong, and they can thrash their enemies about!” said Alligator. “Without strength, no one is anyone.”

“My children are full of courage,” shouted Green Lizard. “Without courage, no one is anyone, what use is strength without courage to apply it?”

“My children are resourceful,” said Scrub Jay. “Without resourcefulness, what use is either of those? To smash a wall perhaps, but nothing more.”

Spider skittered by.

“Loyalty,” is all she said.

“What does Spider know about loyalties?” asked Alligator, burbling water.

“Without loyalty, any virtue you possess does nothing but serve your enemies,” Spider replied. “My daughters circle around me and my husband in a perfect dance, our friends and family may collide, but they all do so with loyal, unwavering precision. I am loyal to my magicians, and any bargains they make will be fulfilled as promised. Loyalty to a person is just the same as it is with a dropped stone. You expect the earth to make the stone fall, do you not? That is loyalty.”

“If that is loyalty, then, each of my daughters is worth a thousand Spiders!” Alligator snapped.

“Then we shall test this. I will call in my daughter Ikasa and I give her a command. Then you must call in one of your daughters and give her the same command. If there is any hesitation in either of our daughters, then you lose,” said Spider.

Alligator agreed, and so Ikasa was brought in.

“What is it, mother?” she asked.

“Kill me and offer me to your father,” said Spider.

Ikasa did not blink or even shake, but instead she drew the family knife from her leg-sheath and drove it into her mother's chest. She cut out her mother's heart and held it up in both her hands to her father, Sun, and when she had done so, began cutting Spider's back skin to make a jacket.

Alligator, ashamed, sank under the swamp. The water simmered.
Spider is stone cold hard core magic.
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Very nice!  I like how it has the structure of a traditional myth, but with a nice horror twist at the end.
Cool ^_^

Most Aescan myths have similar endings, at least in Calpolli <_<
techhead0 Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the first story I've ever added to my favorites on deviantart. Good work!
Hooray! Thanks a lot!
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